Capeta Speech Therapy

Capeta Speech Therapy is a small private practice that solely treats speech sound disorders.

What is a speech sound disorder?
- Articulation disorders: such as lateral (‘slushy’) or interdental lisps, difficulty producing a single sound such as ‘r’
- Phonological disorders: patterns of speech sound errors such as deleting one sound in a cluster (p/sp, f/fl), using a ‘t’ for the ‘k’ sound, using a ‘w’ for the ‘l’ or ‘r’ sound
- Apraxia of speech: difficulty planning and executing motor movements for speech which often results in inconsistent and reduced speech intelligibility
- Structural abnormalities (cleft palate), myofunctional issues (chronic thumb sucking), or dysarthria (weakness) that may result in speech sound errors or difficulties

About Me


Amy Capeta, M.A., CCC-SLP
I am a Speech Language Pathologist with over 25 years of experience. I have primarily worked in the public school setting treating a variety of speech and language disorders. I decided to open my own practice in order to focus on my passion and specialty area of diagnosing and treating speech sound disorders. I am serving clients in Uniontown, OH and surrounding areas!


Capeta Speech Therapy is private pay (cash, check, credit card, or HSA / FSA cards). A Superbill is provided upon request for submission to your insurance company (does not guarantee reimbursement).

Benefits of this small private pay practice:
- No waiting lists
- Flexible therapy times
- Rapport built with one therapist that remains your child’s therapist





- Determine if further assessment is warranted
- If a complete evaluation is recommended, the cost of the screening will be credited to the evaluation

$200 - 350

- Price depends on the complexity of the speech sound disorder (single sound error vs. multiple sound substitutions/errors)
- A comprehensive evaluation including background information, oral motor examination, and speech sound evaluation.
- A completed written report will be provided.
- A complete evaluation might not be necessary if a recent evaluation has been completed and is available.


30 Minute Session: $65
45 Minute Session: $97.50
60 Minute Session: $130

- In person
- Session length & frequency is flexible depending on client & family needs

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